May 22, 2019

Craps Strategy is a special way to play

Craps Strategy is a way to go about playing the game, a style even. A good Craps Strategy helps you quit while your ahead, and not chase your loses. In other words, Craps Strategy gives suggestions for playing smart. Craps Strategy incorporates a good bit of bankroll management and awareness, and the added bonus of only playing with winnings whenever it is possible.

Good Craps Strategy
Good Craps Strategy has two goals. One Craps Strategy applies when you are doing well, and that is, make as much as you can. The other Craps Strategy applies when you are doing poorly, and that is, lose as little as possible. If you have come across a Craps Strategy that is telling you exactly where to bet, what to bet, and the details of how to go about it, what you have actually come across is better described as a craps system.

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