May 22, 2019

Downtown Casino Not Good for Buffalos Economy

Buffalo downtown casino is a bad decision for the state’s economy. Based on Seneca’s projections and government filings, the Buffalo Creek Casino will take in $154 million to $188 million from gamblers. It will be mainly from Buffalo residents and the surrounding suburbs. The city of Buffalo will receive $5 to $7 million in taxes as their deal.

The money Seneca is getting from the local economy is tax-free. The Senecas doesn’t pay taxes on the money they earn from the casino.

The Seneca’s Buffalo reservation is a sovereign nation, Buffalo courts and police have no jurisdiction over Seneca casino property. But the Seneca casino has full access to their court and sues whoever they please.

New York’s Family Research Foundation and others push the opposition against the construction of the downtown casino in Buffalo.

Casinos in different states are built to keep the people inside and to avoid its residents from playing at other casinos. But Buffalo is unlikely to compete with a similar tax-free sovereign nation.

Seneca will build its temporary 5,000-square-foot casino with 100 slot machines in Buffalo. The permanent casino would be back on the drawing board for more negotiations. Seneca guarantees from the tribe that half of the expected 1,000 casino jobs would go to Buffalo residents.

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